Mail2Send is an alternative to using the usual channels to send your Letters and Parcels within the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World. Over the years we have built up a large network and large discounts with the delivery companies we work closely with to deliver your items. We then pass this discount directly on to our customers.  We have multiple options to suit all your delivery needs from a single letter to large parcels, economy and express. We have a concise and detailed price list to enable you to plan ahead when sending your items.  We can even provide stamps, envelopes and a wrapping service.

Need to send money abroad?  Just visit us in the office and provide  some details on the amount and recipient, we can then send it anywhere in the world using Western Union money transfers. Visit us with your unused Euros, we will change them back to UK£ for you.

We are also a registered pickup and drop off site for UPS, DHL and dpd.  Collect or send letters and parcels from all over the world.  No account needed.

If you currently share a mailbox, travel around frequently or live abroad, we can help. Maybe you would like to have separate mailboxes for work and home or you want exclusive access to a mailing address, Mail2Send can offer you a personal secure mailbox. Once you have rented a mailbox, you can collect your mail when you want it. You can also ring us and we can check if you have received mail so you know whether you need to come down to our store. When you receive mail, you will be the only person to see it. We take security very seriously and our mailboxes are safe and secure.



Mail2Send Services

We’re a growing network!

So far we have sent over 250,000 items all over the world and this is growing every day.

From 2017 we will be offering nation wide franchise opportunities. If you are interested in the franchise opportunities Mail2Send will offer, please register your interest here.

Case Studies


TurnsPro is a young start up product development company based in Plymouth, England, UK.

The Storage, Pick, Pack and Dispatch is with – Taking the stress out of wrapping and sending online orders.

They develop photography related products from concept to delivery. The first product ‘TurnsPro – Time Lapse Camera Mount’ was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign, reaching £27,000 of a required £16,000 target in April 2015.

They have a small team of 3 young professionals consisting of one Mechanical Engineer and two Electrical Engineers.

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They provide simple, wearable, inexpensive flexible protective clothing for those vulnerable to abnormal risks as a result of their age, physical or medical condition and occupational or leisure activities. Without the low cost delivery and warehousing that Mail2Send offer DermaTuff could not have easily upscalled word-wide delivery or have been able to hand the demand, especially during busy times.

Initially they wanted to help the elderly who with advancing years are at increasing risk of serious injury and loss of confidence particularly from fragile and weak skin disorder. Later they will introduced products for those taking part in risky work or pleasure activities.

DermaTuff was created and is managed by Peter Thornton and Nick Pitts, two business people with long term experience in innovating, developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling a wide range of products.

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