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basket_64pxWe work with our partners to offer eCommerce Website Design to anyone, whether you’re an individual just starting up or a large business. Our rates are very competitive and we also have first hand experience selling online, which is a huge benefit. Many eCommerce Website Designers can build a nice looking online shop and will just leave you to it, but do they fully know what YOU and your CUSTOMERS needs are? Why would you trust any other Website Designer who says he can build an eCommerce website when they do not truly understand how things are actually sold online and why they sell. We not only know how to build an eCommerce website, but one that works for you!

Do you already have a fully functional eCommerce website? No problem! We can tweak the website code, content and other important elements to optimise it for Google and start getting more eyes on your products. Whether we’re building your website or not, it’s in our best interest to make sure the work we carry out is beyond perfection if we fulfil your orders too. This is because we only charge for items that go out the door so we need to make sure your stock is moving! Mail2Send can offer a complete package from the eCommerce Website right through to delivering your orders.

“Mail2Send is the one stop shop for eCommerce and fulfilment!”

We have in-depth knowledge of how to sell your products on many sales platforms such as Amazon, Play and eBay. We also have access to a system that can link up all your stock levels so you have one central place where all your inventory is added to and it feeds it out to all your sales channels. This can save many hours of work and there is no need to be constantly adjusting stock levels. Not only that, we also have a fully automated Amazon re-pricer. All you have to do is simply enter the minimum price and maximum price you are willing to accept for your product and it will check the competition, such as other Amazon sellers or Play sellers and adjust accordingly. So the price may drop by 50p or go up 40%. This ensures you always stay competitive and get the best possible price for your products.

The next stage of our service is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is an integral and essential part of any working website. A well optimised website can be listed on the 1st page of top search engines which increases visits, enquiries and sales. Why would you not want to have some form of Search Engine Optimisation?

Do you know when Bing, Yahoo and Google bring out an update? Do you know what effect it may or will have on your website ranking and how to ensure your valuable website traffic is not lost when an update is released? We can help. We constantly monitor the news for search engine algorithm updates and deeply research into what the major changes are and how best to pro-actively react and be one step ahead of the competition. We have a tailored and affordable SEO package to suit any website or budget. We only charge a small one-off setup fee and you simply select the package that fits your requirements.

“Send us your stock and start counting your money!”

Once the customers start visiting your eCommerce website thanks to our SEO, you may need help dealing with the volume of orders you’re receiving. This is where our fulfilment service and specialism in sending mail comes in. As an online seller, you may not have the time to dedicate towards fulfilling customer orders. We can take all the hassle away and let you concentrate on what you do best: creating and selling products. After we’ve increased your traffic and sales through our SEO service, our experience in postage and packaging can increase sales even further! Our same day shipping and fast delivery ensure your customers will be happy. Our fulfilment service only includes small storage, pick and pack fees as well as delivery cost. For just a few pounds, you can start earning money while still working a full time job if you wish.

All our mail is collected every night for sorting overnight with the aspiration of being delivered the next day, depending on how far it has travelled to the mailing hub. If you want to simply just take advantage of our mailing rates (which are better than other Parcel companies), we can do this too. Simply drop off your mail at our Plymouth shop and we will charge you at our standard “low” postage tariff. For more information on our fulfilment service, click here.

Mail2Send can give you the complete online selling package at a great price. If you’re working in a full time job, you can earn extra money with just a small initial investment. If you let us carry out your fulfilment, it’s in our best interest to design you a great website and add high quality white-hat Search Engine Optimisation.

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