Send a Parcel to the USA from £7.00

Send a parcel to the USA from only £7.00

  • Collection and drop-off service available.
  • Airmail as standard.
  • Wrapping Service available.
  • Cover available up to £50.

At Mail2Send we offer Letter and Parcel delivery to the USA. Most items sent to the USA typically take 4 – 7 working days. Our standard delivery to the USA is by Airmail – meaning your parcel is safe and secure and on its way with no additional delays or transport by road.

Send a Parcel in-store.

The United States is the largest, most competitive and technologically advanced economy in the world.

The US Gross Domestic Product has consistently seen growth of 1.8% or more since 2011. It is the UK’s top export destination and is ranked the fourth easiest country to do business with.

Negotiations between the US and EU for the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership should generate even more opportunities for the UK. This will remove trade barriers by lowering tariffs and making regulations similar.

Benefits of doing business in the US include:

  • World’s largest market.
  • World’s largest private sector.
  • Low regulatory barriers.
  • Minimal language barriers.
  • Access to global supply chains that can lead to exports for other markets.
  • One of the most innovative consumer markets in the world.
  • Productive and skilled labour force with high mobility.
  • Ease of doing business due to similar business culture.
  • Strong rule of law.