Western Union Money Transfers

How it works

1. Find your local store

We have a local Plymouth shop on Bretonside.

2. Send money

Tell us how much money you would like to send and where it needs to go.

3. Payment within minutes

We can take your payment in as little as minutes.

To send money using Western Union, simply pop into our shop at 78 Chapel Street, Devonport, PL1 4DU, 59 Ebrington Street, PL4 9AA and 67 Devonport Road, Stoke, PL3 4DU in Plymouth and tell us the amount you wish to send, the destination country, details of who it’s going to and we can take care of the rest. Your friend or family member can pick up cash at any Western Union branch around the world in as little as a few minutes.

Sending Money

When you come in to send money, please don’t forget to bring ID if you’re sending a large amount. Proof of identity is required for all transactions of £600 or more. If you send more than £2000, we will need to see proof of address too. There is a small fee that will be taken from the amount you’re sending so please take this into account when sending a specific amount.

Western Union is a great way of sending emergency cash to a friend or relative overseas or simply sending a gift. It’s ideal if the recipient has lost their debit card and cash while on holiday. If you’ve got Money2Send, pop down to Mail2Send in Plymouth now!

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